SPEC MIX® D2W Workhorse

NOW AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE! The SPEC MIX® D2W Workhorse Continuous Mixing System (BOM #110384) is powered by a standard 120V circuit so you mix SPEC MIX products anywhere on site. Simply plug into a power outlet, connect to a strong and steady water source then flip on the switch and start breaking bags of SPEC MIX products for continuous, consistently mixed materials. This lightweight, highly mobile mixer puts out 1.5 yards of mix per hour or small amounts of material to complete the job. When working indoor and outdoor, floor-to-floor, large projects or small, the D2W Workhorse is the system for high productivity and profitability. The D2W Workhorse features a high speed, effective mixing action that hydrates preblended materials while entrapping the optimal workability and boardlife. The water is metered directly into the system to achieve a constant water to cement ratio that ensures superior color uniformity, bond strength and compressive strength. It’s the simple, innovative material delivery system that mixes a wide range of products with incredible consistency, is easy to use, and cleans up in a minute or less. The D2W Workhorse is a contractor’s solution for locking in quality control and improving daily production!