• Cherry Stone® Poultry Grit

    Cherry Stone® Poultry Grit is a clean, hard, angular grit to aid in digestion for poultry. Made of 100% crushed quartzite, this grit is even harder and sharper than granite which enables the gizzard to work faster and more efficiently. Cherry Stone grit won't dissolve in the gizzard, upset the mineral balance of feed, or neutralize digestive juices so it does a more thorough job of digestion. Due to its unique rose color, Cherry Stone Grit is often used for hobby crafts, aquariums, flower pot drainage, grill liners, paver joint fill, aeration, and other decorative purposes. Our grit is available in 50# bags in four sizes to cater to every size bird and it comes in a pink-gray color which birds are attracted to: #1 (BOM #105237), #2 (BOM #105238), #3 (BOM #105239), and #4 (BOM #105240). Also available in 2,000 lb. bulk bags including #1 (BOM #105241), #2 (BOM #105242), #3 (BOM #105243), and #4 (BOM # 105244).

  • Granusil® Mineral Filler

    Granusil® Mineral Filler is produced from high purity industrial quartz sands for a wide variety of industrial and contractor mixed applications which need a reliable silica contribution or require a chemically inert structural filler.  The durable monocrystalline structures resist abrasion in high traffic-excessive wear applications. Granusil® Mineral Filler 5020 (BOM #100365) is available in 50 lb. bag and Granusil® Mineral Filler 4030 (BOM #114261) is available in 50 lb. bag.

  • Pelletized Gypsum

    Pelletized Gypsum (BOM #103589) is an excellent source of calcium and sulfur used to improve soil structure. It allows for better water and oxygen penetration, addresses salt damage from winter de-icing, pets, and effluent water. Additionally, it stimulates microorganism growth and helps alleviate blossom end rot.

  • Cherry Stone® Traction Grit

    Cherry Stone® Traction Grit (BOM #105248), (BOM #129580), (BOM #129590), (BOM #129880) works when salt and chemicals won't. Sprinkle the fine, sharp, crushed rock on icy and snow-packed walkways, driveways, and streets for immediate non-slip relief. Unlike salt, Cherry Stone Grit will not hasten the deterioration of concrete surfaces or harm plants or grass. Made from Quartzite, our grit is granite-hard and won't dissolve, become muddy, stain, or pollute. Keep a bag in your car for additional weight and emergency winter traction. Due to its unique rose color, Cherry Stone Grit is often used for hobby crafts, aquariums, flower pot drainage, grill liners, paver joint fill, aeration, and other decorative purposes. Available in 25 lb. plastic bags. Also available in 2,000 lb. bulk bags.

  • TechMix® Commercial Tile Mortar PM

    TechMix® Commercial Tile Mortar PM is an economical Portland cement-based, polymer-modified ceramic tile setting mortar designed for floor and wall use on both interior and exterior applications over concrete. Meets ANSI A118.4 and ISO 13007 C2 when mixed with water. Installation must conform to the current specifications in ANSI A108 and the TCNA Handbook for Ceramic Tile Installations. Available in Gray (BOM#120802) and White (BOM#121143)


    Type S Dolomitic Hydrated Masonry Lime (BOM #101062) meets ASTM C207 and is available in 50 lb. bags. For more information on our lime, please contact your sales representative.

  • Sakrete® Epoxy Tube Nozzles

    Sakrete® Epoxy Tube Nozzles are intended to provide customers additional nozzles for use with epoxy tube products. Both the original nozzle and the replacements are one-time use nozzles which should be discarded after use. This solves the issue when customers use only a portion of the product, but have to discard of the original one-time use nozzle. This product comes in packs of 3 tubes per bag.

  • Tenon® TraxGrip

    Tenon® TraxGrip gives a light texture to concrete flatwork for a slip-resistant surface. Often used commercially on entrance floors, garage floors, steps, patios, walkways, and any surface where additional texture is desired to increase non-slip characteristics. TraxGrip is an optically clear thermoset polymer resin. Nearly invisible on the applied floor surface, it is added to curing and sealing compounds then applied to surfaces in the liquid solution. Available in 3.2 oz (BOM #120930) and 1 lb. (BOM #120927)