Repair Mortars

ProSpec® Rapid Patch® Vertical Repair

ProSpec® Rapid Patch® Vertical Repair (BOM #126171) is a non-slumping, high-strength, fast-setting, non-shrink, patching material for commercial and industrial vertical and overhead holes in concrete or masonry. Can be shaved or molded to required shapes. Initial set-time of 15 minutes. Maximum application thickness of 1½ in. (38 mm) per layer. BOM UNIT SIZE UNIT WEIGHT PACK QUANTITY […]

Quikrete® FastSet Repair Mortar

Quikrete® FastSet Repair Mortar (BOM #109719) is specifically formulated to make structural repairs to any concrete, masonry or stucco surface. This low-sag formula has a 20-30 minute working time which allows for sculpting of the material during placement and makes it ideal for vertical and overhead repairs. Just add water, mix, and use to repair […]

Sakrete® Fast Setting Repair Mortar

Sakrete® Fast Setting Repair Mortar (BOM #120371) is a fast-setting, high-strength patching material for both interior and exterior concrete surfaces. The convenient zip-pouch package is designed with the do-it-yourselfer in mind for smaller repair projects. Just add water and mix in the bag to create a workable mixture with excellent bonding characteristics. Trowel apply over […]

Sakrete® Fast Setting Cement Patcher

Sakrete® Fast Setting Cement Patcher is used for horizontal, vertical, and overhead repairs where an accelerated set-time is needed. Use for applications of ½ inch featheredge. Fast Setting Cement Patcher is available in a 10 lb. pail (BOM #120379), a 50 lb. pail (BOM #120029), and a 10 lb. box (BOM #120028). BOM UNIT SIZE […]

ProSpec® Mighty Bond

ProSpec® Mighty Bond™ is a high-solids, acrylic, liquid bonding agent that substantially improves adhesion, impact, and shear bond, tensile, and flexural and compressive strength of unmodified concrete, mortars, patches and grouts. Additionally, Mighty Bond adds excellent freeze/thaw and salt resistance and creates more durable cement-based materials. Minimal preparation is required. Available in 1 gal. bottles […]