TCC Materials®

TCC Materials® Corefill Masonry Grout

TCC Materials® Corefill Masonry Grout (BOM #103501) is used to fill reinforced bond beams, to bond adjacent masonry units together, to bond steel reinforcement in the cores of masonry units and for filling masonry voids. Core Fill Masonry Grout is formulated for superior flow to fill masonry voids while meeting ASTM C476 requirements for reinforced masonry construction. Yields approximately ⅔ of a cubic foot of wet grout per 80 lb. (36.3 kg) bag. For concrete block this will fill about 4 cores in a 12" unit or about 5.5 cores in an 8" unit. Available in a 80 lb. (36.3 kg) bag.

TCC Materials® Iowa DOT Concrete Patch Mix

TCC Materials® Iowa DOT Concrete Patch Mix (BOM #104912) is a low-slump concrete primarily used for bridge deck overlays and concrete pavements. Produces a high-strength concrete repair material that is extremely durable and works well in harsh environments. Use for both full-depth and partial-depth applications.

TCC Materials® Stone Mortar Mix

TCC Materials® Stone Mortar Mix (BOM #109043) is a specially formulated product for use in applying precast masonry veneer, thin natural stone veneer or thin brick units to base surfaces. This versatile product may be used as an initial base coat for your project, then can be used in applying masonry veneer to the substrate. The material is factory blended to ensure bond strength, workability and consistency. To mix, just add water. Follow the stone installation instructions provided by the manufacturer. Available in a 60 lb. (27.2 kg) bag.

TCC Materials® Tube Sand

TCC Materials® Tube Sand is ideal for adding weight and traction to your vehicle in winter driving conditions. The tube-shaped bag fits along wheel wells, above the rear axle, or in pick up truck beds. The sand is dried and in a weather-proof bag to resist freezing. Available in 60 lb. bags (BOM #106610).

TCC Materials®, a leading manufacturer of spec blended construction products, established roots in Minnesota as Twin City Concrete Products Company in 1973.