Multi-Set 917

Multi-Set (BOM #FTS-917) is an economical, polymer-modified, dry-set mortar designed for bonding of all types of tiles. It may be used for either walls or floors for both interior and exterior applications where a liquid latex-modified mortar is recommended. MultiSet 917 significantly improves bond strength and freeze-thaw stability — performance characteristics typically available only through […]

TechPro® Tile & Stone Bonding Additive

Tile & Stone Bonding Additive is a high-solids blend of flexible acrylic additives designed to be mixed with tile setting mortars to create the highest bond strength available in a flexible mortar, while substantially improving impact, shear bond, tensile, flexural, and compressive strength. For use with Tech-Mix non-polymer-modified, dry-set, tile  mortars including Thin Set 100 […]

TechPro® Fast Set Flexible Tile Mortar PM

Tech-Pro Fast Set Flexible Tile Mortar PM is a premium, flexible, rapid-setting, polymer-modified mortar composed of special dry polymers and plasticizers for flexibility and special chemical additives for fast-setting properties. This Portland cement-based mortar is designed for use over a variety of  substrates including difficult to adhere surfaces, such as tile over cut back residue, […]

TechPro® Large Format Tile & Stone Mortar LW

Tech-Pro Large Format Tile & Stone   Mortar LW offers high flexibility and bond strength for a wide variety of floor and wall tile installations. Excellent for setting large format tile (LFT), heavy stone, and large thin porcelain tile, this mortar will not sag or slip on walls and offers non-slump performance for floor installations. Large […]

TechPro® Thinset 100 Multi-Purpose

TechPro Thin Set 100 Multi-Purpose is an economical dry-set mortar consisting of a factory blend of Portland cement and sand used for the installation of ceramic tile on walls and floors. When mixed with water is best with floor tiles up to 12 in. x 12 in. (30×30 cm), and wall tile up to 8 […]

Plus5 Athletic Field Marker

IMERYS Plus5 Athletic Field Marker (BOM #101145) is good for turf, harmless to skin and clothing, produces a whiter line, is easy to apply, and is preferred by coaches & groundskeepers. Plus5 complies with the “Safe Use” requirements of the Consumer Safety Act, Public Law 92-573. Additionally, it complies with the NCAA and NFSHA rules […]