• Akona® Power Patch Pro

    Akona Power Patch Pro is a high-strength, non-sag, two component epoxy used to bond, repair, or fill blemishes in concrete, brick, wood, and stone and can be used for both overhead and vertical repairs. The application temperature range is between 40°F-100°F (4°C-38°C)

  • Quikrete® FastSet Concrete Mix

    QUIKRETE® FastSet™ Concrete Mix (BOM #113204) is a fast-setting, high early strength concrete designed to build or repair concrete sidewalks, driveways, highways, bridge decks, concrete parking lots and concrete floors. Use at any thickness from 2 in to 24 in (50 mm to 610 mm). FastSet™ Concrete has less shrinkage than ordinary Portland cement concrete. The addition of corrosion inhibitor has no adverse effect on the other physical properties of the product.

  • Quikrete® FastSet Water-Stop Cement

    High Performance Cement FastSet™ Water-Stop Cement (BOM #113205) is a rapid setting, high strength repair material designed to plug leaks instantly in concrete and masonry. FastSet™ Water-Stop Cement will block running water when application is made to masonry or concrete surfaces. This special formulation allows the product to obtain high strength and rapid setting while repelling water. FastSet™ Water-Stop Cement solves leakage problems wherever active water is present, in all masonry and concrete above and below grade. Use FastSet™ Water-Stop Cement for sealing around concrete pipes and for plugging leaks in: • Foundation and retaining walls • Chimneys • Swimming pools, fountains and cisterns

  • Rapid Patch® Feather Edge Pro

    Rapid Patch® Feather Edge Pro (BOM #129490) is a trowelable, rapid-setting, Portland cement-based, polymer-modified, patch and skim coating compound for use on multiple substrates. This specially formulated, non-sanded product results in an ultra-smooth finish and can be applied from feather edge to ½ in. (13 mm) and is ideal for use as an embossing leveler.

  • Rapid Patch® Self-Leveling Resurfacer

    Rapid Patch Self-Leveling Resurfacer (BOM #103145) is a cement-based product for resurfacing concrete floors with damaged finishes or as a wear surface for light industrial floors where a hard, flat smooth surface and a quick return to service is desired. Also use as an underlayment for installation of ceramic tile, stone, resilient flooring, carpet, or other finished flooring. Typical substrates include: fully cured concrete, APA rated exterior grade/exposure 1 plywood or OSB underlayment grade equivalent with expanded wire lath reinforcement. Install from feather edge to 2 in. (50 mm) thick.

  • Sakrete® 5000 Plus Concrete Mix

    Sakrete® 5000 Plus Concrete Mix (BOM #120020) is a professional grade concrete mix used for building and repairs greater than 2" depth.

  • Quikrete® 5000 Concrete Mix

    Quikrete® 5000 Concrete Mix (BOM #104624) is a commercial-grade blend of stone or gravel, sand and cement specially designed for higher early strength and ideal for cold weather application. Just add water, mix and use for concrete projects 2" thick or more such as driveway aprons, patios, deck supports, and sign footings. Achieves 5,000 psi after 28 days.

  • Rapid Patch® Concrete Repair Mortar

    Rapid Patch® Concrete Repair Mortar (20 lb. BOM #129460, 50 lb. BOM#129470) is a fast-setting, high-performance, multi-use blend of hydraulic cement, polymers, fine aggregates, and special additives used for concrete repair and new construction where high early strength, excellent durability, and low shrinkage is required. Mix with water for applications from ½ in. minimum to 6 in. maximum thickness (1.3-15 cm).

  • Rapid Patch® Multi-Purpose Repair

    Rapid Patch® Multi-Purpose Repair (20 lb. BOM #129440, 50 lb. BOM #129450) is a fast-setting, high-performance, multi-use blend of hydraulic cement, fine aggregates, and special additives used for concrete repair and new construction, including casting, anchoring, grouting, and wet environments. Adheres to concrete, stone, masonry, and stucco. Mix with water for applications from feather-edge to 4 in. (10 cm).

  • TechMix® Premium Countertop Mix

    TechMix® Premium Concrete Countertop Mix is a fast-setting, high-strength mix specially formulated to create countertops, outdoor kitchen tops, bar or table tops, workbench or utility tops. This product can also be used to produce precast wall caps, mantel or lintels for many different applications. Premium Concrete Countertop Mix needs only water to produce an easy-to-use, pourable mixture that can be de-molded in 18-24 hours. Available in a 50 lb. bag in gray (BOM #103434) or white (BOM #104082).

  • Akona® Concrete Repair

    Akona® Concrete Repair (BOM #103173) is a flexible, quick-drying, paintable filler and sealant for repairs to vertical and horizontal concrete, masonry, stone, and stucco surfaces. It's gray color and sanded texture is designed to blend in with most standard concrete surfaces.

  • TechMix® Concrete Mix

    TechMix® Concrete Mix is a high strength pre-blended Portland cement mixture for pouring concrete 2 inches thick or greater. Used for general building and repairing steps, slabs, walks, and floors. Available in 60# bags (BOM #104879) and 80# bags (BOM #104883).

  • Tenon® Blend-Pro

    Tenon® Blend-Pro is a fast-setting, one component, polymer-modified, calcium aluminate cement-based concrete and masonry patching compound designed for vertical and overhead repair applications.
    Available in #117-15 Special Gray (BOM# 128220, 121157),  #117-30 Special Gray (BOM# 121164),  #2-15 Gray (BOM# 129482, 129484), #3-15 Light Gray (BOM# 128230, 121158),  #4-15 Midwest Gray (BOM# 121217, 121245),  #4-15W Midwest Gray Winter Mix (BOM# 121256, 121250), #4-30 Midwest Gray (BOM# 129497, 129498), and #4-60 Midwest Gray (BOM# 129531, 129528).

  • Quikrete® Concrete Mix

    Quikrete® Concrete Mix (BOM #100389) is the original 4,000 psi average compressive strength blend of Portland cement, sand, and gravel or stone. Just add water. Use for any general concrete work. Designed for pouring concrete 2" thick or more or building/repairing concrete structures. Available in 80 lb. bags (BOM #100389), 60 lb. bags (BOM #101356), and 40 lb. bags (BOM #104606). Approximate Yield: 80 lbs. = 0.60 cu. ft. 60 lbs. = 0.45 cu. ft.

  • Akona® Epoxy Crack Repair

    Akona® Epoxy Crack Repair (BOM #120439) is a two-component, high-strength, 100% solids, epoxy repair product designed for injection into horizontal cracks in structural materials including concrete and bricks for the purpose of bonding and sealing. Special no-mess, self-mixing tube for easier application. Use to fill and bond narrow horizontal cracks up to 1/4" (6 mm) wide x 6" (150 mm) deep. Dries clear to light yellow color.

  • Quikrete® Re-Cap Concrete Resurfacer

    Quikrete® Re-Cap™ Concrete Resurfacer (BOM #112421) is a special blend of portland cement, sand, polymer modifiers and other additives. Designed to provide a shrinkage compensated repair material for making thin repairs to sound concrete in need of surface renewal. Can be squeegee, trowel or brush applied.

  • Quikrete® Crack-Resistant Concrete Mix

    Quikrete® Crack-Resistant Concrete Mix (BOM #109358) is a construction grade blend of Portland cement, sand, gravel & special reinforcing fibers to reduce shrinkage cracks and improve impact resistance. Just add water and mix to create for walkways, patios, steps, garage or shed floors.

  • Akona® Foundation Coating Cement

    Akona® Foundation Coating Cement (BOM #102621) is a specially-formulated, cement-based product for coating and protecting polystyrene insulation board or insulated concrete forms (ICF) from weathering, ultraviolet rays, and general wear/impact. Akona Foundation Coating Cement is polymer-modified and contains fibers which reduces shrinkage and improves the adhesion properties of the product. Akona Foundation Coating Cement is easy to apply by masonry brush or trowel and has the superior durability of a Portland cement-based product. It also provides a tough, durable gray textured or stucco-like finish. If desired, the product may be integrally colored with a liquid cement or mortar colorant, or it can be painted to match existing home design.

  • Akona® Instant Anchoring Cement

    Akona® Instant Anchoring Cement (BOM #102645) is a quick-setting, anchoring cement compound used for setting poles, railings, bolts and fixtures in concrete or masonry. Suitable for interior or exterior use, this product expands as it hardens to set securely and lock in place for strong support. Average set time = 20 minutes

  • Akona® Instant Patching Cement

    Akona® Instant Patching Cement (BOM #102632) is a high-performance cement used for filling wide cracks and other concrete repair needs. It sets rock hard in just 90 minutes. Akona Instant Patching Cement self-bonds to all properly-prepared concrete surfaces and develops twice the strength of ordinary concrete.

  • Quikrete® Fast-Setting Concrete Mix

    Quikrete® Fast-Setting Concrete Mix (BOM #100166) is a special blend of fast-setting cements, sand and gravel designed to set hard in approx. 20 to 40 minutes. Sets posts without mixing. Pour dry mix into hole and soak with water. Use for setting fence posts, mailbox posts, basketball posts, deck posts, or lamp posts. Or use to construct new steps, sidewalks, or concrete appliance pads.

  • SAKRETE® Concrete & Mortar Repair

    Sakrete® Concrete & Mortar Repair Tube (BOM#121098) is a weather-resistant, acrylic latex used for repairing deteriorated mortar joints or cracks in concrete.

  • Sakrete® Crack Resistant Concrete Mix

    Formulated to reduce the risk of surface shrinkage cracks, Sakrete Crack Resistant Concrete Mix is a professional strength blend of cementitious materials, sands, stone and fibers. For repair and building jobs where concrete thickness exceeds 2”.

  • Sakrete® Fast Setting Cement Patcher

    Sakrete® Fast Setting Cement Patcher is used for horizontal, vertical, and overhead repairs where an accelerated set-time is needed. Use for applications of ½ inch featheredge. Fast Setting Cement Patcher is available in a 50 lb. pail (BOM #120029), and a 10 lb. box (BOM #120028).

  • Akona® Polymer-Modified Concrete Resurfacer

    Akona® Polymer-Modified Concrete Resurfacer is a special, acrylic, polymer-modified cement used to resurface spalled and/or damaged interior and exterior concrete surfaces such as steps, patios, garage floors, and sidewalks. Akona Concrete Resurfacer bonds and dries to a concrete gray color. This high-strength product has superior bond and is trowelable to from 1/4 in. down to 1/8 in. (6 to 3 mm). It may be trowel or broom finished, and is available in a 25 lb. bag (BOM #102642).

  • Quikrete® Polyurethane Construction Adhesive

    Quikrete® Polyurethane Construction Adhesive (BOM #102353) is a high-performance, construction-grade adhesive designed for permanently bonding concrete, brick, marble, stone, wood, glass, aluminum, steel, PVC and tile. Ideal for bonding retaining wall block and caps, repairing broken concrete, or adhering signage and other items to concrete.

  • Sakrete® Fast-Setting Concrete Mix

    Sakrete® Fast-Setting Concrete Mix (BOM #120019 = 50 lb. pail / #106576 = 50 lb. bag) sets posts and poles quickly and easily, even without blending the material. Sets in just ½ an hour so that no bracing is needed and exceeds the strength requirements of ASTM C 387. Fast-Setting Concrete Mix is intended for applications requiring at least 2 inches in thickness.

  • Akona® Pourable Gray Concrete Crack Filler

    Akona® Gray Pourable Concrete Crack Filler is a ready-mixed, easy-to-apply, pourable material for filling cracks up to ¼" deep x ¼" wide. Gray in color to blend with concrete surfaces and flexible to conform to movements of active cracks, Concrete Crack Filler is ideal for horizontal concrete surface such as driveways, sidewalks, patios and garage floors. Available in 1 gal. bottles (BOM #102639) and 1 qt. bottles (BOM #102638). For larger cracks and holes, use Akona Vinyl Cement Patch.

  • Akona® Pre-Mixed Concrete & Stucco Patch

    Akona® Pre-Mixed Concrete & Stucco Patch is a water-based formula intended to patch minor cracks, holes, and surface defects in concrete or stucco. Product may also be used for residential repairs of masonry walls and re-applying small broken pieces of concrete or tuck pointing brick mortar joints. Pre-Mixed Concrete & Stucco Patch offers superior adhesion and may be used for vertical or horizontal patches. Available in 1 quart tub (BOM #103962) and 1 gallon pail (BOM #120713). 

  • Sakrete® Flo-Coat Concrete Resurfacer

    Sakrete® Flo-Coat Concrete Resurfacer (BOM #120034) is a polymer-modified sand and cement mix for resurfacing concrete from 1/8 inch to 1/4 inch depth. Can be applied in a flowable consistency using a squeegee or in a stiffer consistency using a trowel.

  • Quikrete® Sand Mix

    Quikrete® Sand/Topping Mix (BOM #101231) consists of a uniformly-blended mixture of Portland cement, commercial-grade sands and other approved ingredients. Just add water and mix to repair or top damaged concrete surfaces less than 2" thick.

  • Tech-Mix® Portland Limestone Cement

    Tech-Mix® Portland Limestone Cement is used to make concrete for a variety of building construction, repairs, stucco, or mortar applications such as sidewalks, floors, footings, patios, and setting posts, block, and brick.  Tech-Mix Portland Limestone Cement is available in 92.6 lb. bags (BOM #100908), 46.2 lb. bags (BOM #100910), and 2000 lb. bags (BOM #108140).

  • Tenon® Instant Anchoring Cement

    Tenon® Instant Anchoring Cement is a quick-setting, anchoring cement compound used for setting poles, railings, bolts, and fixtures in concrete or masonry. Suitable for interior or exterior use. Expands as it hardens to set securely and lock in place for strong support. Any metals that will corrode when exposed to wet cement, such as aluminum, must be protected.   Available in 10 lb. (BOM #129940) and 50 lb. pails (BOM #120998).  

  • Akona® Vinyl Cement Patch

    Akona® Vinyl Cement Patch is ideally suited for repairs to damaged concrete steps, sidewalks, driveways, patios, curbs, walls and floors. This product contains unique polymers that give it twice the strength and three times the adhesion of conventional concrete. Just add water and mix for an easy-to-use product which can be troweled to a feather edge on interior and exterior concrete applications. For resurfacing large areas, use Akona Polymer-Modified Concrete Resurfacer. Akona® Vinyl Cement Patch is available in 3 convenient sizes: 10 lb bag (BOM #102633), 25 lb bag (BOM #102634), and 40 lb bag (BOM #104452).

  • Tenon® Instant Hydraulic Cement

    Tenon® Instant Hydraulic Cement is a quick-setting hydraulic cement compound used primarily as a water stop or hole filler. It expands when set and locks into place to block flowing water in 3 to 5 minutes. For use only on concrete and masonry materials. Best for repairing leaks in cracks between blocks or on one surface, not for stopping water flow in corners.  Available in 10 lb. (BOM #129950) and 50 lb. (BOM #128280) pails. 

  • Akonaflex® Pro Self-Leveling Expansion Joint Filler

    Akonaflex Pro Expansion Joint Filler is a superior-grade, one-component, MS polymer sealant and filler to be used in concrete joints as well as a wide variety of substrates. Its semi-self-leveling characteristics provide a smooth finish which makes it ideal for filling cracks or gaps on horizontal surfaces such as concrete driveways, sidewalks, patios, steps, garage floors, above ground foundations, and other concrete surfaces. Fills expansion joints up to 2 in. wide x 1 in. deep, and contains a unique, specially-formulated technology which allows it to be exposed to water after only 2 hours without washing out. Reaches full cure after 24 hours. Won’t crack or shrink and acts as an excellent waterproof seal. Available in 2 convenient sizes: 10 oz. tubes (BOM #104560); and 29 oz. tubes (BOM #120440).

  • Quikrete® Stucco Finish Coat

    Quikrete® Stucco Finish Coat White (BOM #100678) is a Portland cement based stucco finishing plaster designed for use as the color and texture coat over Portland cement base coat or fiberglass reinforced stucco. Requires only the addition of water.

  • Sakrete® High Strength Concrete Mix

    Sakrete® High Strength Concrete Mix (BOM #100171 = 60 lb. bag / #120021 = 50 lb. pail / #101090 = 80 lb. bag) is designed for anchoring posts and poles, and pouring footings and slabs. High Strength Concrete Mix is premium quality for consistent strength and durability and meets ASTM C 387 strength requirements for structural applications. Uses include building walks, drives, slabs and steps as well as anchoring posts and poles. High Strength Concrete Mix is for applications requiring at least 2 inches in thickness. Just add water, mix, and use.

  • Akonaflex® Self-Leveling Concrete Repair

    Akonaflex® Self-Leveling Concrete Repair is a one-component, construction-grade, polyurethane, moisture-cure sealant designed to meet the flexibility requirements of dynamically moving joints. Self-leveling to result in a smooth, gray finish which is foot-traffic ready after 3 days and will reach full cure in 1 week. Fills and seals horizontal joints up to 1"W x ½"D on concrete slabs, driveways, sidewalks, decks, pitch pans, pavers, garage floors, industrial floors and other concrete surfaces. Its premium-grade components give you a strong, durable, flexible, waterproof seal and leaves a finish that can be painted once cured with a latex paint. Complies with ASTM C920, Federal Specification TTS-00230C, and is VOC compliant. Available in 2 convenient sizes: 10 oz. tubes (BOM #104562); and 29 oz. tubes (BOM #120456).

  • Quikrete® Surface Bonding Cement

    Quikrete® Quikwall Surface Bonding Cement is an alkali-resistant, fiberglass-reinforced, Portland cement based, surface bonding cement used for construction of dry-stack (without mortar) cement block walls. Available in Gray (BOM #101359) and White (BOM #100246). Add color with Quikrete® Stucco & Mortar Color.

  • Sakrete® Leak Stopper Hydraulic Cement

    Sakrete® Leak Stopper Hydraulic Cement (BOM #120030) stops the flow of water through breaks in concrete or masonry walls and floors. Rapid setting, with initial set-time of 1-3 minutes, and final set in 3-4 minutes.

  • Akonakote® Pourable Concrete Patch

    Akonakote® Pourable Concrete Patch (#104626) is a flowable, squeegee-grade, polymer-modified patching and resurfacing mix. This flowable, easy-to-use formula can be applied standing up to corrects defects on concrete surfaces prior to applying new flooring materials or coatings. Additionally, Pourable Concrete Patch can be used as a wearable surface in some applications. For deeper repairs over ½" in concrete floors, it is advisable to use Akona Instant Patching Cement prior to using this product.

  • Quikrete® Vinyl Concrete Patcher

    Quikrete® Vinyl Concrete Patcher is a multi-purpose concrete repair material with strong adhesive properties which trowels to a feather edge of 1/16" (1.6 mm) and is made of a special blend of exterior-grade vinyl resin, fine sand, and Portland cement. Just add water. Available in 40 lb. bags (BOM #100472), 20 lb. pails (BOM #100131), and 10 lb. pails (BOM #109334).

  • Techmix® White Portland-Limestone Cement – Type 1

    TechMix® White Portland-Limestone Cement – Type I (BOM #112770) is used to produce a wide variety of architectural concrete products and applications. General applications include cast in place or precast wall panels, floors, slabs, terrazzo, thin set and  tile grouts, cast stone, masonry units and mortars, stucco, swimming pools & spas, glass fiber reinforced concrete, ornamental statuary, floor tiles, concrete roof tiles, perimeter security, pavers and traffic safety items such as concrete median barriers, bridge parapets, pedestrian crosswalks, curbs and other delineators. White cement is often used to produce bright finishes, vibrant colors or ultra-high performance concretes that look great and provide structural performance that make them ideal for resilient building applications. White Portland-Limestone Cement meets ASTM C150 Standard Specification for Portland Cement, as well as AASHTO M85 and CSA A3001 specifications.

  • Sakrete® Portland Cement

    Sakrete® Portland Cement (BOM #120022) is a Type I-II gray cement. A basic building material, when blended with sand, stone or gravel it is used for pavement, sidewalks, slabs and more.

  • Sakrete® Pourable Concrete Patch

    Sakrete® Pourable Concrete Patch (BOM #120037) is a flowable, squeegee-grade, polymer-modified mix for patching and resurfacing concrete up to ½ inch depth.

  • Sakrete® Pre-Mixed Concrete Patch

    Sakrete® Pre-Mixed Concrete Patch (BOM #120547) is used for filling and sealing cracks in concrete up to 1 inch wide. Smooth minor surface defects and holes.

  • Sakrete® Top ‘n Bond Concrete Patcher

    Sakrete® Top 'n Bond Concrete Patcher (BOM #120031 = 10 lb. / #120032 = 50 lb.) is a polymer-modified sand-cement repair mortar for resurfacing, patching, and general concrete repairs from ½ inch to featheredge. Requires only the addition of water.

  • Sakrete® Epoxy Tube Nozzles

    Sakrete® Epoxy Tube Nozzles are intended to provide customers additional nozzles for use with epoxy tube products. Both the original nozzle and the replacements are one-time use nozzles which should be discarded after use. This solves the issue when customers use only a portion of the product, but have to discard of the original one-time use nozzle. This product comes in packs of 3 tubes per bag.

  • Tenon® Vinyl Concrete Patch

    Tenon® Vinyl Concrete Patch a polymer-modified, Portland cement-based patching compound used to repair minor surface imperfections in concrete. Suitable for interior and exterior applications from feather-edge to 2 in. (51 mm) thick per lift. Typically supports foot traffic in 8-12 hours, wheeled traffic in 48 hours. Available in 10 lb. pail (BOM #127634) and 50 lb. bag  (BOM #120681).