TechMix® Commercial Tile Mortar PM

TechMix® Commercial Tile Mortar PM is an economical Portland cement-based, polymer-modified ceramic tile setting mortar designed for floor and wall use on both interior and exterior applications over concrete. Meets ANSI A118.4 and ISO 13007 C2 when mixed with water. Installation must conform to the current specifications in ANSI A108 and the TCNA Handbook for Ceramic […]

TechPro® Congelz®

TechPro® CONGELZ® Waste Water Solidification is an environmentally-friendly solution to disposing of unwanted rinse water or mortar slurry from any mortar or concrete project. When used as directed, this patented technology transforms rinse water from a liquid to a gel. Passes ASTM 9095B paint filler test, this gel has been determined to be safe and legal for […]