Admixtures & Bonding

Tenon® Air Entrainment

Tenon® Air Entrainment (BOM #120377) is a ready-to-use, aqueous solution made of organic materials.  Air Entrainment entrains a small and stable amount of air into the desired mix. These small, stable air voids enhance the mixture and improve workability. Its chemical composition and physical properties make it ideal for many construction applications. It is intended […]

Tenon® Fast-Set Liquid Activator

Tenon® Fast-Set Liquid Activator is formulated specifically to be used in conjunction with Tenon® Air-Entrained Concrete Patching Mix AE in order to establish a quicker set and develop strength rapidly. When used with the patching mix, Fast-Set Liquid Activator reduces the closure time of high-traffic areas from 24 hours to 4-5 hours under normal conditions. Available […]

Tenon® Level-Flo® Primer Pro

Tenon® Level-Flo Primer Pro (1 gal. BOM #129436, 5 gal. BOM #129438) is a high quality, acrylic latex based primer used with Tenon® Level-Flo self-leveling products. Level-Flo Primer Pro is applied to porous and nonporous surfaces as a substrate primer to promote bonding. This primer can also be used with other cement-based Tenon concrete repair, surface […]

Tenon® Mighty Bond

Tenon® Mighty Bond™ is a high-solids, acrylic, liquid bonding agent that substantially improves adhesion, impact, and shear bond, tensile, and flexural and compressive strength of unmodified concrete, mortars, patches and grouts. Additionally, Mighty Bond adds excellent freeze/thaw and salt resistance and creates more durable cement-based materials. Minimal preparation is required. Available in 1 gal. bottles […]

Tenon® Set Accelerator

Tenon® Set Accelerator (BOM #120376) is an ASTM C494, Type C, non-chloride, non-corrosive, liquid that improves workability and initial strength while it reduces the hydration time of cement.  The product is recommended for use during cooler weather to accelerate set time and reduce the risk of frozen mortar and concrete mixes. It is also recommended […]

Tenon® Set Retarder

Tenon® Set Retarder is a ready-to-use liquid admixture that slows the rate of reaction for rapid setting concrete repair products, including: • Tenon® Commercial DOT Repair• Tenon® Professional Patch 100• Tenon® Professional Patch 200• Tenon® Rapid Patch® Vertical Repair• Tenon® Rapid Strength Concrete Mix SE• Tenon® Blend-Pro• Rapid Patch® Multi-Purpose Repair• Rapid Patch® Concrete Repair […]

Tenon® SuperFlow

Tenon® SuperFlow water-reducing admixture is a full range water reducing additive providing a more plastic and flowable concrete. It produces concrete mixes with different levels of workability to include self-consolidating concrete (SCC) applications. Tenon SuperFlow admixture meets ASTM C494-C 494M compliance requirements for Type A water-reducing and Type F high-range water-reducing admixtures. BOM UNIT SIZE […]