TechPro® Congelz®

TechPro® CONGELZ® Waste Water Solidification is an environmentally-friendly solution to disposing of unwanted rinse water or mortar slurry from any mortar or concrete project. When used as directed, this patented technology transforms rinse water from a liquid to a gel. Passes ASTM 9095B paint filler test, this gel has been determined to be safe and legal for landfill disposal. Using CONGELZ solves the common issues caused by cementitious waste disposal – no more clogged drains or dumping of product on jobsites. Simply add the product to your rinse water, allow to gel, and toss the works in the trash. Available in a 5 lb. box (BOM #121214), 15 lb. box (BOM #121213), and 40 lb. box (BOM #121210).

1212145 lb. box5 lb.
12121315 lb. box15 lb.
12121040 lb. box40 lb.
**Product production varies by plant. Please contact your salesperson for product availability in your location**