TechPro® Stone Veneer Joint Grout

TechPro® Stone Veneer Joint Grout is a mixture of dry cementitious materials and dried sand designed to fill joints between real or manufactured stone veneer units. Preblended with air-entrainment admixtures to resist freeze-thaw conditions while increasing flow and durability. Specially formulated for clean installation and flow properties to eliminate clogging when using a grout bag. Mix with water only. “Step 3” of the TechPro stone veneer installation system used to create decorative exterior or non-load bearing interior veneer walls.  Available in 4 colors to compliment or contrast veneer units: Gray (BOM #120446); Brown (BOM #120449); Tan (BOM #120448), White (BOM #120447); and Charcoal (BOM #130110).

12044650 lb. bag50 lb.562800 lb.Pallet
12044950 lb. bag50 lb. 562800 lb.Pallet
12044850 lb. bag50 lb. 562800 lb.Pallet
12044750 lb. bag 50 lb.562800 lb. Pallet
13011050 lb. bag50 lb.562800 lb.Pallet
**Product production varies by plant. Please contact your salesperson for product availability in your location**