Quikrete® FastSet Repair Mortar

FastSet™ Repair Mortar demonstrates low sag, making it ideal for vertical or overhead repairs. FastSet™ Repair Mortar is also available with integral corrosion inhibitor in cases where maximum corrosion protection is desired. The addition of corrosion inhibitor has no adverse effect on the other physical properties of the product. This product can be built up to at least 1-1/2 in (38 mm) in one application. Its unique properties allow the user to actually sculpt the material during application. Use to repair concrete cracks, curbs, steps, pre-stressed panels, pipe, tunnels, sewers, loading docks,
silos, retaining walls, culverts, catch basins, decorative moldings, bridge columns, parapet walls, septic tanks, cold storage vaults, virtually any vertical or overhead concrete surface. Available in 20 lb. pails (BOM #113201) and 55 lb. bags (BOM #113206).

11320120 lb. pail20 lb.601200 lb.Pallet
11320655 lb. bag55 lb.251375 lb.Pallet