Spec Mix® Polymer-Modified Adhered Veneer Mortar (PMAVM)

Spec Mix® Polymer Modified Adhered Veneer Mortar (PMAVM) (BOM #103592) is a blend of dry cementitious materials, masonry sand and performance admixtures specifically designed to provide superior bond for adhered manufactured and natural thin stone as well as brick veneer units. PMAVM is designed to provide excellent workability, cohesion, high bond strength, sag resistance, water resistance, efflorescence minimization, and durability. This product meets the requirements of ASTM C 270 and ASTM C 1714 for Type S mortars including ANSI A118.4 and ACI 530 shear bond standards. TCC Materials also offers PMAVM with integral color. Also available in 3,000 lb. (BOM #103593) bulk bags to work with our silo system. Please contact your salesperson for more information.

10359280 lb. bag80 lb.403200 lb.Pallet
1035933000 lb. bag3000 lb.13000 lb.Bulk Bag
**Product production varies by plant. Please contact your salesperson for product availability in your location**


Spec Mix Polymer-Modified Adhered Veneer Mortar