Rapid Patch® Rapid Loc Concrete & Veneer Bond

Rapid Patch® Rapid Loc™ Concrete & Veneer Bond is an innovative high-grab sealant which has high initial tack to hold materials in place while the adhesive cures, specifically designed for adhering stone, ceramic tile, and other construction materials to vertical surfaces. Rapid Loc Concrete & Veneer Bond is based on silyl-modified polymer technology that cures on exposure to atmospheric moisture to form a fast, tough, durable adhesive. Rapid Loc Concrete & Veneer Bond exhibits excellent adhesive properties to most common substrates   including stone, brick veneer, aluminum, brass, vinyl, steel, stainless steel, glass, mirrors, mortar, concrete, wood, OSB, plywood, ceramic tile, brick, foam board, pavers, painted surfaces, fiberglass, and many plastics. Rapid Loc Concrete & Veneer Bond is highly weather resistant, remains flexible in low temperature extremes, and can be painted with most paints. Available in 9.5 oz. tube (BOM #130170).

1301709.5 oz. tube1 lb.1213.2 lb.Pallet