NorthRock® Landscape Loc® Mulch & Rock Bond

NorthRock® Landscape Loc® Mulch & Rock Bond is a specially-formulated, locking compound to stabilize mulch, rock, gravel, sand, and other ground cover. Landscape Loc Mulch & Rock Bond prevents movement caused by rain, wind, wildlife, mowers, leaf blowers, pets, and other sources while allowing the substrate to drain and breathe. Sustain and enhance the natural look of your mulch. Landscape Loc Mulch & Rock Bond has been tested and proven to be environmentally safe for groundwater, plants, and pets. This non-toxic product is easy to apply and reaches full bond in 24-48 hours. Use Landscape Loc Mulch & Rock Bond around pools and ponds to prevent mulch from getting into the water. Also can be used to control dust, erosion, sand, dirt, pebbles, light rock, and gravel. Landscape Loc Mulch & Rock Bond is EPA Compliant and VOC free. Lasts all season! Coverage will vary from 250–750 sq. ft./gallon depending on weight, size, porosity and desired hold of material. Rock applications will required more product to get similar results, de-pending on the size, shape, and porosity of the rock and depth of application. Available in 5 gallon pails (BOM #105337) and 1 gallon bottles (BOM #105146). For best results, apply product during the same growing season as when purchased. Ready to use, just shake well and apply!

1051461 gal. bottle9 lb.436 lb.Case
1053375 gal. pail45 lb.361620 lb.Pallet