Akona® Concrete & Mortar Color

Akona® Concrete & Mortar Colors give you a simple way to color your concrete, masonry, or grout project. Made of synthetic mineral oxide, these color additives will provide a durable, alkali– and ultraviolet-resistant finish to any cementitious application. Just add one canister to a bag of concrete, mortar, or grout mix to give your project a more decorative look. Great for use with TechMix® Premium Countertop Mix! Available in Charcoal, Terracotta, Brick Red, Buff, and Brown.

11372210 oz. tub1 lb.66 lb.Case
11370210 oz. tub1 lb.66 lb.Case
11371210 oz. tub1 lb.66 lb.Case
11373210 oz. tub1 lb.66 lb.Case
11374210 oz. tub1 lb.66 lb.Case
1139905 lb. box5 lb.15 lb.Pack
1140005 lb. box5 lb.15 lb.Pack
1140105 lb. box5 lb.15 lb.Pack
1140205 lb. box5 lb.15 lb.Pack
1140305 lb. box5 lb.15 lb.Pack
11397025 lb. box25 lb.125 lb.Pack
11398025 lb. box25 lb.125 lb.Pack
11396025 lb. box25 lb.125 lb.Pack
11395025 lb. box25 lb.125 lb.Pack
11394025 lb. box25 lb.125 lb.Pack