Tenon® Wax Cure 1315 WB

Tenon® Wax Cure 1315 WB is a water-based, white pigmented, liquid membrane forming, wax curing compound used for moisture retention of freshly placed concrete. Tenon® Wax Cure 1315 WB is formulated for curing concrete. The addition of white pigment to the wax film reflects the heat of the sun to protect excess heat build-up. Designed for exterior applications, it is particularly recommended for roadways, airport runways, parking lots, and other pavement projects where greater moisture retention is required . Tenon® Wax Cure 1315 WB will pass all VOC compliance laws. Available in 5 gallon pails (BOM #113830), 55 gallon drums (BOM #113829), and 275 gallon totes (BOM #113828).

1138305 gal. pail45 lb.361620 lb.Pallet
11382955 gal. drum550 lb.42200 lb.Pallet
113828275 gal. toteVariesVariesVariesVaries
**Product production varies by plant. Please contact your salesperson for product availability in your location**