Tenon® Paver Guardian WB

Tenon® Paver Guardian WB is designed to protect & extend the life of installed pavers, retaining walls and other cementitious surfaces without affecting the finished look. Paver Guardian WB provides a natural finish that maintains the original look of pavers, concrete, architectural concrete, brick, natural stone, and other cementitious materials. This clear, water-bourne formula penetrates and reacts chemically within the capillaries of the surface to protect against deicing salts, moisture penetration, spalling, freeze-thaw damage,  efflorescence, and chemical erosion. Paver Guardian WB also protects surfaces from most chemicals, dirt, acids, alkali, and airborne pollutants while making these surfaces easier to clean. Paver Guardian WB is used for above-grade exterior applications that are not subject to hydrostatic pressure. Available in 1 gal. bottle (BOM #129780), 5 gal. pail (BOM #129790), or 55 gal. drum (BOM #129576).

1297801 gal. bottle10 lb.440 lb.Case
1297905 gal. pail45 lb.361620 lb.Pallet
12956755 gal. pail550 lb.42200 lb.Pallet
**Product production varies by plant. Please contact your salesperson for product availability in your location**
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