Grout & Mortar Additives

Akona® Concrete Bonding Additive

Akona® Concrete Bonding Additive is an acrylic cement modifier that dramatically improves strength, adhesion, abrasion resistance and freeze-thaw resistance and is ideally suited for use with sand, mortar, cement mixes and selected Akona Repair Products. Akona Concrete Bonding Additive produces a patch that will adhere to old concrete and provides the adhesion required for thin […]

Porcelain, Stone & Tile (PST) 948

Porcelain, Stone & Tile or PST (formerly CureFlex) is a high-solids, flexible, acrylic latex admixture for use with ThinSet to provide a durable bond to porcelain, stone and glass tile. It provides the highest bond strength available in a flexible mortar for all types of tile over a variety of substrates, including difficult substrates such […]