ProSpec® Level-Flo® Primer Pro

ProSpec® Level-Flo™ Primer Pro (1 gal. BOM #129436, 5 gal. BOM #129438) is a high quality, acrylic latex based primer used with ProSpec® Level-Flo™ self-leveling products. Level-Flo™ Primer Pro is applied to porous and nonporous surfaces as a substrate primer to promote bonding. This primer can also be used with other cement-based ProSpec® concrete repair, surface preparation, and polymer-modified thin set mortars to enhance bonding to difficult substrates such as glazed ceramic tile, terrazzo, gypsum based underlayments, concrete treated with certain types of curing compounds (acrylic resin or silicate curing compounds only), well bonded epoxy coatings, and cold rolled steel. ProSpec® Level-Flo™ Primer or Primer Pro are required to be applied to all substrates before placing ProSpec® Level-Flo™ Underlayments or Wear-Toppings.

1294361 gal. bottleN/A4N/ACase
1294385 gal. pailN/A36N/APallet
**Product production varies by plant. Please contact your salesperson for product availability in your location**