ProSpec® Level-Flo® Plastic Lath

ProSpec® Level-Flo® Plastic Lath (BOM #104289) is a lightweight synthetic lath designed to mechanically attach and reinforce ProSpec® Level-Flo® Self-Leveling Floor Underlayments, and Tile Crete mortar beds over properly constructed wood subfloors. It can also be used as a screed bed leveling system and a one-step system for stone or tile when used with a high bonding strength tile setting mortar. This lath is self-furred on both sides and is easy to cut with a standard utility knife. The lightweight characteristics make it easier to handle and safer to use when compared to traditional expanded diamond metal lath. Meets industry requirements for hydronic and electric radiant heat installations over wood subfloors as called for in the TCNA handbook (RH 122-05 and RH 140-05).

104289100 sq. ft. roll12 lb.24315 lb.Pallet
**Product production varies by plant. Please contact your salesperson for product availability in your location**