Nurserymen’s Preferred® Landscape Loc® Mulch & Rock Bond

Nurserymen’s Preferred® Landscape Loc® Mulch & Rock Bond is a specially-formulated, locking compound to stabilize mulch, rock, gravel, sand, and other ground cover. Landscape Loc Mulch & Rock Bond prevents movement caused by rain, wind, wildlife, mowers, leaf blowers, pets, and other sources while allowing the substrate to drain and breathe. Sustain and enhance the natural look of your mulch. Landscape Loc Mulch & Rock Bond has been tested and proven to be environmentally safe for groundwater, plants, and pets. This non-toxic product is easy to apply and reaches full bond in 24-48 hours. Use Landscape Loc Mulch & Rock Bond around pools and ponds to prevent mulch from getting into the water. Also can be used to control dust, erosion, sand, dirt, pebbles, light rock, and gravel. Landscape Loc Mulch & Rock Bond is EPA Compliant and VOC free. Lasts all season! Available in 5 gallon pails (BOM #105337) and 1 gallon bottles (BOM #105146). One gallon covers up to 1,500 sq. ft. with light coverage or 750 sq. ft. with heavy coverage. For best results, apply product during the same growing season as when purchased. Ready to use, just shake well and apply!

1051461 gal. bottle9 lb.436 lb.Case
1053375 gal. pail45 lb.361620 lb.Pallet
**Product production varies by plant. Please contact your salesperson for product availability in your location**


Frequently Asked Questions

How does Mulch & Rock Bond work?

Mulch & Rock Bond works as an adhesive to bond mulch together to form a strong surface. This will help prevent kids from tracking the mulch away from where it belongs, pets from digging in
mulch, and wind and rain from blowing mulch in unwanted areas such as pools and ponds. Perhaps the greatest benefit is that Mulch & Rock Bond allows you to use a powerful leaf blower to clear
the leaves from mulched areas without affecting the placement of the mulch.

Does Mulch & Rock Bond still allow water drainage?

Yes, Mulch & Rock Bond is applied to the surface of mulched areas and reaches down a few layers depending on how thick it is applied. Water is still able to permeate the voids in the
mulch as usual.

Will Mulch & Rock Bond prevent weeds?

While Landscape Loc Mulch & Rock Bond is not designed to prevent weeds, the strong bond it creates may help to deter them from growing through your mulch.

Is Mulch & Rock Bond safe for kids & pets?

Yes, Mulch & Rock Bond is non-toxic, and completely safe for kids and pets. We do recommend keeping kids and pets away from the treated area for 24-48 hours until the product has dried

Is Mulch & Rock Bond safe for the environment?

Yes, Mulch & Rock Bond does not contain any harsh chemicals. It is also low VOC and EPA compliant.

How much area does one gallon of Mulch & Rock Bond cover?

Coverage depends on how thickly you apply the product, the weight of the material to bond, and the desired hold. One gallon of Mulch & Rock Bond will cover up to 1,500 sq. ft. with light
coverage and up to 750 sq. ft. for heavy-duty coverage. If desired, a second application may be applied once the first application has dried.

How thick should I apply Mulch & Rock Bond?

There is no right or wrong answer. If you desire only a light hold to protect against mild weather, spray lightly. If you anticipate heavy winds, rain, human or animal traffic, or the use of
powerful leaf blowers, we recommend applying a heavy coat. A second coat may also be applied for additional strength.

Why is there residue at the bottom of the bottle after I pour Mulch & Rock Bond into a sprayer?

Mulch & Rock Bond is prone to settling and needs to be shaken well before using or before pouring into a sprayer to use or it will not work correctly. Shake vigorously before pouring from
original container into a sprayer. If the product sits in the sprayer for any amount of time before use, be sure to shake the sprayer well before spraying. If you pour the product into a sprayer
and notice residue at the bottom of the original bottle, pour the product from the sprayer back into the original bottle or pail and shake well.

I still see sediment at the bottom of the bottle. Can I add water to release it and mix with the product in the sprayer?

Mulch & Rock Bond has been formulated for optimal bond. We don’t recommend adding water, but if you’re going to try adding water use no more than 1/4 cup water to every 1/2” sediment in the
bottle. Shake well and add to the rest of the bottle (in the mixer) and mix very well before spraying mulch.

I didn’t shake the Mulch & Rock Bond well (or at all) before applying and it didn’t hold. What should I do?

You will need to reapply Mulch & Rock Bond. (Be sure to shake product well when reapplying.)

When I spray Mulch & Rock Bond on my mulch, it looks white. Will it stay white?

No, Mulch & Rock Bond is designed to go on white and dry clear. The white color is meant to aid the application process by showing you where you have already applied the product and/or how
thick it is being applied.

I applied Mulch & Rock Bond yesterday afternoon and it rained this morning. Will it still hold?

For best results, do not apply Mulch & Rock Bond when there is a chance of rain within 24-48 hours. If the product had a chance to fully dry before the rain began, it should hold. But if it
did not dry completely before the rain began, the product may not work correctly. If the rain compromised the product, we recommend reapplying the product when rain is not predicted in for three

I want to apply Mulch & Rock Bond as early as possible in the spring. Can I apply it while it’s still cold out?

Mulch & Rock Bond is best suited for application when temperatures will be above 50°F during the drying time (24-48 hours). If applied while temperatures are below 50°F or drop below 50°F
within 24-48 hours, optimal bond may not be achieved. If that is the case, you can apply a second coat of Mulch & Rock Bond later in the season when temperatures are higher.

How do I clean excess Mulch & Rock Bond from my hands, clothes, and sprayer?

To remove Mulch & Rock Bond from hands, clothing, and other surfaces, wash with soap and water. Mulch & Rock Bond will not hurt your skin or clothing, but due to it’s adhesive properties
it can cause your sprayer to clog if not washed out properly with water before the product dries.

How often do I need to reapply Mulch & Rock Bond?

We recommend applying Mulch & Rock Bond annually in the spring. In most cases, Mulch & Rock Bond lasts approximately one year depending on conditions and how thick the product was applied.

Is Mulch & Rock Bond meant for foot traffic and/ or walkways?

Mulch & Rock Bond can usually withstand some light foot traffic by animals and humans. While we have heard of some consumers using this for walkways, it is not designed for consistent foot traffic (ex. walkways) in all weather conditions or materials. Please note that if you wish to use Mulch & Rock Bond to bond a walkway, we recommend testing on an inconspicuous area to ensure this will withstand your climate conditions for your project. We do not guarantee results of the use on walkways.

Can Mulch & Rock Bond be used on other materials?

Absolutely! Don’t let the name deceive you. Mulch & Rock Bond is a very versatile product and can be used on sand, gravel, leaves, and other porous ground cover.

Does Mulch & Rock Bond work on rubber mulch?

Mulch & Rock Bond works best on porous substrates such as mulch, rough rock, sand, gravel, and similar materials. In our experience, it does not work well on rubber mulch due to the non-porous
surface of most rubber mulches. If applying to rubber mulch, you will need to spray the Mulch & Rock Bond at a very heavy rate (approximately one gallon for every 50 sq. ft.)

While I was spraying my mulch I accidentally sprayed my flowers. Will Mulch & Rock Bond hurt them?

No, Mulch & Rock Bond is safe for plants and will not harm them.

Can I use Mulch & Rock Bond to control dust and erosion on my gravel driveway?

Yes! When applied to gravel driveways, walkways, or roads, Mulch & Rock Bond will reduce dust and erosion.

I left my Landscape Loc in my unheated garage over the winter, will it still work?

Landscape Loc needs to be protected from freezing temperatures to prevent the solution from separating; it will not properly work if it has been frozen.

How is Mulch & Rock Bond different from other mulch bonds on the market?

Landscape Loc Mulch & Rock Bond uses patent pending technology to create the optimal bond for all ground cover including mulch, rock, gravel, leaves, and others. And Mulch &
Rock bond is
low VOC and EPA compliant so you can feel good about using it to keep your green space “green”.

I’m a maintenance supervisor and would like to use Mulch & Rock Bond commercially. Is it available in larger sizes?

Currently Mulch & Rock Bond is available in 1 gallon bottles and 5 gallon pails. If you are looking for another size, please contact your dealer or e-mail us at to find out what other options may be available.

What size rock does Mulch & Rock Bond work on?

Mulch & Rock Bond works best on rock ½” or smaller, but has been used on rock up to ¾”. The porosity of the rock & application rate also makes a difference. The more porous the rock, the better the bond. The more dense the rock, the heavier you should apply Mulch & Rock Bond.