MP Sanded Grout 924

MP Sanded Grout is one-part, latex-Portland cement grout that provides the user the highest performance available in the industry, in an easy to use, just-add-water material. Its unique blend of Portland cement, specially-graded silica fillers, latex modifiers and colorfast pigments provides for a superior grout with excellent flexural and bond strengths, color control, minimal efflorescence and high comprehensive strength. MP Sanded Grout is specifically designed for tile installations that will be subjected to thermal shock and with joints from ⅛” to ½” thick. It resists bacteria, fungus, alkalis and does not shrink or dust. MP Grouts are available in 10 pound pails or 25 pound bags.

25 lb bag251002500Pallet
10 lb. pail11444Case
**Product production varies by plant. Please contact your salesperson for product availability in your location**