Non-Shrink Grouts

Spec Mix® Self-Consolidating Grout

Spec Mix® Self-Consolidating Grout (SCG) (BOM #102863) is a dry, preblended grout specifically designed to be highly fluid without segregation of the constituents. Spec Mix® SCG is used to bond together adjacent masonry units, fill bond beams and occupy all areas around steel reinforcement in the ...SEE MORE

Quikrete® Precision Non-Shrink Grout

Quikrete® Non-Shrink Precision Grout (BOM #100713) is a high-strength, non-metallic grout designed for precision grouting and general construction applications. Simply add water and mix to obtain flowable properties and high strengths. Its non-shrink characteristics make it stable and capable of handling high ...SEE MORE

Quikrete® Fast Set™ Non-Shrink Grout

Quikrete® FastSet Non-Shrink Grout (BOM #109718) is designed for structural concrete repairs from ¼" to 24" deep and features a 30-minute set time, non-shrink characteristics and rapid strength gain. It can be mixed to a plastic, flowable or fluid consistency. Use for anchoring and grouting anchor ...SEE MORE

Akona® Non-Shrink Grout (6,700 PSI)

Akona® Non-Shrink Grout (BOM #104953) is a pre-blended, pourable, non-metallic, Portland-cement based material used for grouting steel columns, bearing plates, precast concrete and anchors. Our Non-Shrink Grout compensates for an uneven foundation, distributes the weight of the unit, and prevents shifting after ...SEE MORE

Sakrete® Non-Shrink Construction Grout

Sakrete® Non-Shrink Construction Grout (BOM #120024) is a non-shrink, non-metallic, Portland cement based material with special additives designed with high flexural and compressive strength to handle high-load transfers. Used for grouting of machinery bases, bearing plates, pre-cast concrete, columns, beams ...SEE MORE

Sakrete® Non-Shrink General Purpose Grout

Sakrete® Non-Shrink General Purpose Grout (BOM #120025) is a commercial grade non-metallic Portland cement based structural hydraulic cement for high-strength grouting.

ProSpec® Construction Grout

ProSpec® Construction Grout (BOM #120720) is a non-shrink, non-metallic, Portland cement based mixture of hydraulic cement, aggregate, and additives for general purpose structural grouting. Meets or exceeds ASTM C-1107.

Prospec® High Strength Precision Grout

ProSpec® High Strength Precision Grout (BOM #120707) is a ready-to-use, high-strength, flowable precision grout mix with excellent working time and early strength ensuring quick job startups and reducing cost. This specially-formulated mix can be pumped into areas inaccessible by conventional grouting methods. High ...SEE MORE