Water Repellents

ProSpecĀ® Concrete & Masonry Sealer WB

ProSpec® Concrete & Masonry Sealer WB is a water-based sealer that penetrates and reacts chemically within the capillaries of the concrete or masonry, bonding to the silica in the substrate to protect against moisture penetration, water-related staining, atmospheric chemicals, and deterioration. It is used ...SEE MORE

ProSpecĀ® Moisture Barrier

ProSpec® Moisture Barrier (BOM #127610) is an advanced, latex, polymer-based technology used as a water-resistant membrane applied to all wood or moisture-sensitive backup walls prior to application of ProSpec Polymer-Modified Stone Veneer Base Coat. Ready to use (no mixing required), with exceptional ...SEE MORE

SakreteĀ® Cure 'N Seal (WB)

Sakrete® Cure 'N Seal (WB) (BOM #120045) is a clear, non-yellowing, waterborne, acrylic polymer modified resin compound used for curing, sealing, and hardening freshly placed concrete. Also used to seal, protect, and dustproof existing concrete, terrazzo, brick, stone, architectural concrete, and other cementitious ...SEE MORE