Employee Spotlight – Connie

What is your role at TCC Group Companies?

I am a Senior Accounts Payable Specialist. I started with the companies in 2017 as an Accounts Payable Specialist.

What do you like about your role?

Job security, a great team of people, learning about all the products, companies, and locations we have.

What is your favorite memory while working for TCC Group Companies?

My favorite memory is being a part of the 90th Anniversary for our sister My favorite memory is being a part of the 60th Anniversary of TCC and 90th Anniversary of our sister company, Cemstone.  It was a great experience as a new employee to learn about what our companies stand for and the family history dating back to the early 1900s.

What do you like about being part of TCC Group Companies?

I see this as a step to bigger and better things to come. TCC Group Companies is a great company to work for, they appreciate their employees.