TCC Materials

ProSpec® Tile Crete® Floor Mud

ProSpec® Tile Crete® Floor Mud is a blend of cementitious materials and oven dried sand developed to produce a water resistant and highly bondable substrate. Gray color is available in fine sand mix (BOM #105136), coarse sand mix (BOM #105154), and 50/50 mix (BOM #105141) Tile Crete is pre-blended and manufactured to optimize consistency from batch-to-batch. Simply add water and mix to create an easy to apply underlayment. Use as a setting bed/underlayment for ceramic, mosaic, quarry, and paver tile over concrete or wood subfloors and countertops. Tile Crete is also the ideal product for forming shower pans and curbs as well as installations requiring a slope to drain. Tile Crete Floor Mud also offers specialty mixes including a blend for exterior floor underlayments (BOM #105165), fast-setting floor underlayments (BOM #105178), fast-setting with fine sand (BOM #110513), and white cement with fine sand (BOM #100557). Contact your sales rep for more information.

50 lb. bag 50 56 2800 Pallet

**Product production varies by plant. Please contact your salesperson for product availability in your location**