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Akonakote™ Vertical Concrete Surface Finisher

Akonakote™ Vertical Concrete Surface Finisher is a superior cementitious coating for concrete and masonry. It provides a protective and waterproof surface while eliminating the rubbing process. Easily fill and seal pores, voids, and honecombing in concrete in one application. Can be trowel, spray, or brush applied. Also ideal for waterproofing swimming pools, cisterns, and water reservoirs. It is available in white (BOM #1993) and pearl gray (BOM #1994). Aslo avaialble in pearl gray trowl grade (#1989). Listed by MNDOT as a "Special Surface Finish System".

50 lb. bag 50 56 50 Pallet

**Product production varies by plant. Please contact your salesperson for product availability in your location**