TCC Materials

AKONA® PolyFoam Movement Joint Tape

Akona® PolyFoam Movement Joint Tape (BOM #FTP-PFT) is a ¼"x1½"x100’ white tape for use where tile or stone abuts restraining surfaces such as perimeter walls, curbs, etc. and where changes occur in backing materials per TCA EJ171 guidelines. Before pouring LevelCure, staple around room perimeters to aid with floor’s natural expansion & contraction. PolyFoam disables the installer from packing grout up to walls which helps to prevent grout from cracking and tiles releasing due to floor expansion. Tape becomes hidden under finishing trim. PolyFoam is ideally suited for radiant heat systems.

100 ft. roll .5 40 20 Bundle

**Product production varies by plant. Please contact your salesperson for product availability in your location**