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Instant Water Stop Application


AKONA® Concrete Bonding Additive

Akona® Concrete Bonding Additive is an acrylic cement modifier that dramatically improves strength, adhesion, abrasion resistance and freeze-thaw resistance and is ideally suited for use SEE MORE

AKONA® Concrete Repair

BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND! NEW PACKAGING! Akona® Commercial Grade Concrete Repair (BOM #103173) is a flexible, quick-drying, paintable filler and sealer for repairs to vertical and horizontal SEE MORE

AKONA® Concrete/Masonry Restoration Cleaner

Akona® Concrete/Masonry Restoration Cleaner (BOM #102652) is a mild, acidic product that dissolves and removes efflorescence (white mineral deposits) and rust stains from concrete surfaces, SEE MORE

AKONA® Concrete/Masonry Set Accelerator

Akona® Concrete/Masonry Set Accelerator (BOM #103963) is an ASTM C494, Type C, non-chloride, non-corrosive, liquid that improves workability and initial strength while it reduces the hydration SEE MORE

AKONA® Congelz™ Waste Water Hardener

AKONA® Congelz™ Waste Water Hardener (BOM #107069) is the perfect method to dispose of unwanted rinse water from any cement or concrete project. Congelz patented technology is SEE MORE

AKONA® Crack-Resistant Surface Bonding Cement

Akona® Crack-Resistant Surface Bonding Cement (BOM #102614) is a specially-formulated, multi-use product. It can be used to build and restore retaining walls or block walls, patch large SEE MORE

AKONA® Epoxy Crack Repair

Akona® Epoxy Crack Repair (BOM #120439) is a two-component, high-strength, 100% solids, epoxy repair product designed for injection into cracks in structural materials including concrete SEE MORE

AKONA® Fast-Setting Anchoring Epoxy

Akona® Fast-Setting Anchoring Epoxy (BOM #120438) is a two-component, high-performance, 100% solids, high-modulus, non-sag gel epoxy designed for anchoring bolts, railings, SEE MORE

AKONA® Foundation Coating Cement

Akona® Foundation Coating Cement (BOM #102621) is a specially-formulated, cement-based product for coating and protecting polystyrene insulation board or insulated concrete forms (ICF) SEE MORE

AKONA® Heavy-Duty Waterproofing Base Coat

Akona® Heavy-Duty Waterproofing Base Coat (BOM #102624) is a Portland-cement based, waterproof coating for use over concrete, block, brick or stucco surfaces. Use for interior or exterior SEE MORE

AKONA® Instant Anchoring Cement

Akona® Instant Anchoring Cement (BOM 102645) is a quick-setting, anchoring cement compound used for setting poles, railings, bolts and fixtures in concrete or masonry. Suitable for interior SEE MORE

AKONA® Instant Patching Cement

Akona® Instant Patching Cement (BOM 102632) is a high-performance cement used for filling wide cracks and other concrete repair needs. It sets rock hard in just 90 minutes. Akona Instant SEE MORE

AKONA® Instant Post Cement

Akona® Instant Post Cement (BOM #102631) is used for quick setting of all metal, wood and plastic fence, mailbox, basketball and swing set posts. This product does not require pre-mixing SEE MORE

AKONA® Instant Water Stop

Akona® Instant Water Stop is a quick-setting, hydraulic cement compound used primarily as a water stop or hole filler on concrete or masonry materials. Its formulated to expand when set SEE MORE

AKONA® Level-Flo™ Plastic Lath

Level-Flo Plastic Lath is a light-weight, self-furred, plastic lath designed to mechanically attach and reinforce Akona Level-Flo Self-Leveling Floor Underlayment Cement and mortar beds over exterior-grade SEE MORE

AKONA® Liquid Air Entraining Admixture

Akona® Liquid Air Entraining Admixture (BOM #103941) is a ready-to-use, aqueous solution made of organic materials. Akona Liquid Air Entraining Admixture entrains a small and stable amount SEE MORE

AKONA® Mighty Bond Acrylic Liquid Bonding Agent

Mighty Bond Acrylic Liquid Bonding Agent is a high-solids, acrylic, liquid bonding agent that substantially improves adhesion, impact, and shear bond, tensile, and flexural and compressive strength of SEE MORE

AKONA® Mortar Repair

Akona® Commercial Grade Mortar Repair (BOM #103174) is designed for tuck-pointing, repairing, and sealing mortar joints and cracks in masonry units such as stone, brick and block walls. SEE MORE

AKONA® Non-Shrink Grout (6,700 PSI)

Akona® Non-Shrink Grout (BOM #104953 or 104422) is a pre-blended, pourable, non-metallic, Portland-cement based material used for grouting steel columns, bearing plates, precast concrete SEE MORE

AKONA® PolyFoam Movement Joint Tape

Akona® PolyFoam Movement Joint Tape (BOM #FTP-PFT) is a ¼"x1½"x100’ white tape for use where tile or stone abuts restraining surfaces such as perimeter walls, SEE MORE

AKONA® Polymer-Modified Concrete Resurfacer

Akona® Polymer-Modified Concrete Resurfacer is a special, acrylic, polymer-modified cement used to resurface spalled and/or damaged interior and exterior concrete surfaces such as steps, SEE MORE

AKONA® Pourable Gray Concrete Crack Filler

Akona® Gray Pourable Concrete Crack Filler is a ready-mixed, easy-to-apply, pourable material for filling cracks up to ¼" deep x ¼" wide. Gray in color to blend SEE MORE

AKONA® Pre-Mixed Concrete Patch

Akona® Pre-Mixed Concrete Patch (BOM #103962) is a pre-mixed, water-based formula intended to patch minor cracks, holes and surface defects in concrete or masonry. Often used for re-applying SEE MORE

AKONA® Pre-Mixed Stucco Patch

Akona® Pre-Mixed Stucco Patch (BOM #102728) is a ready-to-use formula intended to patch cracks, holes and surface defects in stucco up to ¼" thick. This product offers a durable, SEE MORE

AKONA® Premium Concrete Repair

Akona® Premium Concrete Repair (BOM #102637) is a quick-setting repair product ideally suited for vertical applications. This product combines the superior bonding and abrasion resistance SEE MORE

AKONA® Rapid Patch® Concrete Refinisher

Akona® Rapid Patch® Concrete Refinisher (BOM #103145) is a heavy-duty, fast-setting patching material for concrete tilt-up panels, pre-cast concrete, concrete block, concrete pipe, SEE MORE

AKONA® Rapid Patch® Concrete Refinisher Pouch

Akona® Rapid Patch® Concrete Refinisher (BOM #104563) is a fast-setting patching material for concrete pavement, curbs, steps, block and all other interior or exterior concrete surfaces. SEE MORE

AKONA® Rapid Patch® Concrete Surface Repair

Akona® Rapid Patch® Concrete Surface Repair (BOM# 102896) is a high-strength, fast-setting, low-shrinkage patching material for commercial and industrial horizontal concrete surfaces. SEE MORE

AKONA® Refractory Mortar

Akona® Medium-Duty Refractory Mortar (BOM #104319) is a dry, preblended mortar ideally suited for setting masonry units in fireplaces (outdoor or indoor), fire pits, BBQs, or chimney SEE MORE

AKONA® Self-Leveling Floor Underlayment Cement

Akona® Self-Leveling Floor Underlayment Cement (BOM #104623) is a free-flowing mortar for use where a level surface is necessary prior to installing floor coverings. This ground-breaking SEE MORE

AKONA® Vinyl Cement Patch

Akona® Vinyl Cement Patch is ideally suited for repairs to damaged concrete steps, sidewalks, driveways, patios, curbs, walls and floors. This product contains unique polymers that give SEE MORE

AKONA® White Glass Block Mortar

Akona® White Glass Block Mortar (BOM # 102627) is a specially-formulated blend of select white silica sands, white cement and workability agents which result in an easy-to-handle, high SEE MORE

Akonaflex™ Expansion Joint Filler

Akonaflex™ Expansion Joint Filler (BOM #104560) is a superior-grade, one-component, urethane sealant and filler to be used in concrete joints as well as a wide variety of substrates. Its self-leveling SEE MORE

Akonakote™ Pourable Concrete Patch

Akonakote™ Pourable Concrete Patch (#104626) is a flowable, squeegee-grade, polymer-modified patching and resurfacing mix. This flowable, easy-to-use formula can be applied standing up to corrects SEE MORE

Akonakote™ Vertical Concrete Surface Finisher

Akonakote™ Vertical Concrete Surface Finisher is a superior cementitious coating for concrete and masonry. It provides a protective and waterproof surface while eliminating the rubbing process. SEE MORE

Akonaseal™ Polyurethane Construction Textured Sealant

Akonaseal™ Polyurethane Construction Textured Sealant (BOM #104561) is a premium-grade, multi-purpose, moisture-cure sealant designed to meet the flexibility requirements of dynamically moving cracks SEE MORE

Akonaseal™ Polyurethane Self-Leveling Smooth Sealant

Akonaseal™ Polyurethane Self-Leveling Smooth Sealant (BOM #104562) is a one-component, moisture-cure sealant designed to meet the flexibility requirements of dynamically moving joints. Because of SEE MORE